Liste smiley

liste smiley

Welche Bedeutung haben die WhatsApp-Smileys? Diese Frage hat sich vermutlich jeder Nutzer der App irgendwann schon einmal gestellt und deshalb haben. WhatsApp Emoji Bedeutung gesucht❓ 🤔 Hier findest Du eine komplette Liste aller Whatsapp Smileys mit Bedeutung. 👍 Entdecke jetzt die bunte Welt der Emojis!. Zuerst die wichtigsten Standardemoticons (Smilies/Smileys) und deren Bedeutung, Im Anschluss an diese beiden Listen findet ihr dann „Die volle Liste!. Hallo, Du findest die Emojis jetzt in der Tabelle Personen und Gesichter, sie zeigen einen Tengu und einen Oni, unheilbringende Märchenwesen aus der japanischen Mythologie. Hi Manu, die Wellenlinie ist vergleichbar mit einem Bindestrich im Lateinischen, sie wird in asiatischen Zeichensätzen verwendet. Social Analytics Instagram Software. Dogeza war mir noch nicht bekannt. Anderenfalls akzeptieren Sie bitte die Speicherung von Cookies. Was bedeutet diese Smiley Zusammensetzung: Kann interpretiert werden als etwas herausforderndes das auf Dich zukommt. Affe hält sich die Ohren zu, will nichts hören. Du könntest deinen Gesprächspartner damit zum Essen einladen, wenn er sich etwas mit Japan auskennt. Darüber hinaus steht eine rosa Schleife international als Symbol um auf die Brustkrebs Problematik bei Frauen aufmerksam zu machen und ein Bewusstsein dafür zu schaffen. Hi Jochen, es ist ein anwachsendes Herz. Je nach Art des Kleeblatts könnte es also bedeuten, jemand reist auf die grüne Insel oder wünscht Dir Glück! Habe einfach mal Tante Google gefragt und sie hat mir folgende Seite herausgefunden. Während die Bedeutung von einem klassischen und lachenden Smiley den meisten Nutzern klar sein sollte, sieht es bei anderen Emoji schon wieder anders aus. Hi Anne, Du kannst dich immer gerne melden.

Smileys and people emojis with their meaning You'll find all current WhatsApp smileys and people emojis as well as a description of their meaning.

Is in a positive mood, shows its teeth and laughs cheerfully. Laughs loudly, cheerfully and heartily. Only the typical emoji eyes distinguish it from the classical smiley face.

Can also be used for sarcasm. Represents lightheartedness and exuberance. Full of joy due to an event, excited and agitated or just a bit embarrassed.

Also, mischievous or bitchy laughter about an event, or something that happened to another person.. Relief that a tight situation went well or was coped with positively, e.

A difficult event is imminent and you are already nervous. Something is so incredibly funny that you cry laughing.

Gets the giggles and can hardly contain himself. This emoji is the most popular and was named Word of the Year A smiley face, rolling on the floor, laughing.

The face is laughing boundlessly. Completely satisfied and speechless. Shy grin in response to a nice compliment or something great that happened.

The red cheeks are an expression of joy. Represents happiness, contentment, peace of mind and gratitude.

Someone does good deeds, is very sweet, innocent and behaves in an exemplary way. The angelic face can also be used humorously for rather not so good deeds or behaviors.

Can make a statement sound friendlier than it might have been meant. Or have a sarcastic meaning when a smile does not actually fit the content.

The message is either ambiguous, ironic or joking. Person plays the fool and horses around, or in response to a joke. Expression of humor, has been pulling a practical joke, is flirting with you or has an ulterior motive.

The wink weakens the message: Is happy that something unpleasant is over without having caused any harm. Relaxed, thankful and free of worries.

Expresses the extent of love and affection as well as gratitude and is often part of romantic messages. Just does not know what to do with all the luck.

Amicable, to express affection or with romantic intent, as an expression of love. May weaken a sarcastic response or be a reaction to a rude message.

Symbol for flirting and showing gratitude. The open eyes and the neutral face are not so much a sign of an intimate kiss but rather a kiss to a friend or relative.

Can also be used for whistling. As a thank you for a tip or a favor. Loving kiss to the closest friends, family or darling.

Smiley is licking the corner of its mouth with its tongue. Is hungry, just cooked something very delicious or eaten a whole dish. Often interpreted as a grimace, with tongue outstretched, and used after a funny message or when fooling around.

Making fun of others: I knew you'd screw it up. In provocative news, crude or black humor as well as with glee. Has made a joke or wants to flirt with the chat partner.

Is carefree and does not mean it seriously. The mood is exuberant - you are totally silly and crazy. Totally freaking out with enthusiasm or joy.

Maybe someone has even told an indecent joke. Can be used to express skepticism, disbelief or disapproval.

At the end of the 19th century it was a status symbol. The smiley makes a warning look around. Used humorously or ironically for nerds or to express how smart you are.

Stereotype of a nerd; a smart but funny-dressed person with social deficits. Cool Smiley with sunglasses.

Is totally self-assured and relaxed. Everything is absolutely easy and cool. Also a symbol for sun, summer holidays, and holidays on the beach.

Overwhelmed and speechless after meeting someone you like a lot. Fascinated by the glory and the world of the stars.

Represents irony, coolness or playfulness. Somebody could be up to something. Used as an offensive look for flirting or sexual innuendo. Is not enthusiastic about a thing and shows that.

Expression of disinterest and disapproval. Smiley is very sad and frustrated and gives a disappointed impression. Represents sorrow, remorse and regret.

Emoji looks downwards and needs time to think. Represents melancholy, general dissatisfaction and frustration. Feels anxious, insecure and uncomfortable.

Is uncertain or disappointed, had imagined this in a different way. Emoji seems unhappy and disgruntled.

Dissatisfied with the weather, small mistakes or the behavior of a person. After a hard day, ready to throw in the towel. However, has to endure the situation and will have worked it through some day.

Smiley is extremely dismayed and bewildered. That's almost the final straw! Because of too little sleep, because of what is going on around you, from a person or situation.

Is very exhausted and broken. Now needs peace first. Reluctant smiley with raised eyebrows and mouth downturned, moaning about grueling, unpleasant but inevitable things.

Is weepy, upset and completely exhausted, mentally or physically. A tear drop is running down the cheek. A picture of misery. Not so much general sadness, but rather pain over one thing.

It still hurts to remember a certain event. Tears are pouring out of the eyes like a waterfall. Represents injury, pain or defeat.

Is also used ironically or something is so funny that you die of laughter. Is snorting contemptuously as a sign of superiority. Is proud and triumphing over someone else.

Reaction to something unfavorable or a sign of rejection. You had better keep out of the person's way. Beware, danger of explosion! Is annoyed and already sulking with a deep-red face.

The serious-looking smiley is really upset and keeps using four-letter words. Represents a sudden outburst of fury or frustration.

The exploding head can also be used to express shock or awe. Expresses shame; something is very embarrassing. Reacts to a compliment or a flattering message that the person did not want to receive.

Is scared stiff, feeling nothing but fear and panic. The creepy emoji can also be used ironically or as a symbol for Halloween.

Seems to be deeply shocked and surprised by an ominous event or intense experience. Cold sweat is dripping from the forehead and the mouth is open, dumbfounded.

Sweating due to physical or mental stress. Has experienced a stressful situation with an unpleasant outcome, for example, a test.

Has gotten out of a difficult or delicate situation, but not without bumps and bruises. Things went different than they should have.

The school is stressing or there is still so much to do in the office. You are tired, but still have so much work to do.

Wants to hug you. It's an open and cordial gesture and an expression of warmth and friendliness. Thoughtful face with the characteristic hand on the chin.

Puts a statement, a person's intelligence, or an idea into question. Is mulling over something or thinking about a brilliant idea.

Typical gesture, which shows that the other person is not telling the truth. Thinks he's being lied to. Or someone is confiding a secret that should not be retold.

Nicely telling your counterpart to shut up. Symbol of a falsehood, boast, or an unlikely story. Is speechless, has no words. Someone does not want to or cannot say anything about a specific topic.

Used in difficult, embarrassing or bad conversations. Imagine what it would say if it had a mouth! Expressionless face with a neutral look.

Unimpressed, awkward or indifferent. Tired, annoyed, emotionless, no patience, the end of the flagpole is reached. The right words are missing to continue a conversation.

Expression of nervousness, awkwardness or embarrassment. Scared and guilty smile: Someone has done something stupid and tries to resolve the tense situation by grimacing.

Finds the current situation or a person boring or annoying. Will disregard the message. The unpleasantly surprised face is lost for words due to a shocking affair.

In response to bad behavior or a rude message. Nothing can be added to what has just been said. Expresses horror as well as fear, worry and mistrust.

In response to a negative surprise. Got caught red-handed and just feels totally taken by surprise. Face with raised eyebrows, open eyes and open mouth.

A mixture of shock and disappointment. Represents fear, frustration, horror and unexpected, negative surprises. Perplexed smiley is looking completely puzzled.

Is positively or negatively surprised: Astonished face with wide open mouth and eyes: Can hardly believe what just happened!

In comics or cartoons, zZz above the head stands for sleeping characters. The emoji is tired, wants to go to bed or is just about to fall asleep from boredom.

Represents desire for a person, delicious food, the new car, or the anticipation of an event. Expression of extreme interest and desire.

The bubble emerging from the nose is a typical manga symbol for a sleeping character. Or as an expression that a conversation or excursion is extremely boring and drowsy.

Smiley with crossed eyes and open mouth is totally dazed. Is confused and so dizzy it doesn't know which side is up.

Also symbolizes strong emotions or drunkenness. Lips are closed or chat partner's lips should remain closed. Can also mean silence because you cannot find the right words.

Might mean disgust, reluctance, or aversion, or stand for sickness. Might show how drunk the person was last night. The puking smiley can also state what you think of something.

I caught a cold! Shows that someone is ill or feels uncomfortable. Either to protect yourself or others from infection. Someone is in the hospital, has to go to the doctor or has caught a disease.

Wearing the masks is widely spread in Asia. Caught a flu or other illness that is associated with fever. Or is worried about getting sick. Someone is ill, had an accident, or is in hospital.

The bandage symbolizes health problems. Could have won something or is sensing a financial chance. Implicates a sense of wealth.

Typical American smiley with cowboy hat from the Wild West. Stands for freedom, nature, and hard work. Wants to cause trouble, is a real teaser or planning something ugly just now.

You should be particularly careful. Represents mischievous acts or remarks as well as treachery. An ugly figure with horns, chasing evil souls.

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De föregicks av en personsökartjänst där ett hjärta ingick i teckenuppsättningen och inspirerades till sin utformning och urval av symboler i japanska tecknade serier.

Dessa humörfigurer utgörs inte av en kombination av enkla ASCII-tecken utan av enkla piktogram datorikoner som genereras via tangentbordstillägg eller alternativa teckenuppsättningar.

Textbaserade smileys är nedan uppdelade i "liggande ansikten" standardstil och "upprätta ansikten" asiatisk stil:. För andra betydelser, se Smiley olika betydelser.

Visningar Visa Redigera Redigera wikitext Visa historik. Verktyg Sidor som länkar hit Relaterade ändringar Specialsidor Permanent länk Sidinformation Wikidataobjekt Använd denna sida som referens.

Sidan redigerades senast den 26 oktober kl. Wikipedias text är tillgänglig under licensen Creative Commons Erkännande-dela-lika 3.

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Schmerzgeplagtes Gesicht Etwas unerwartetes ist passiert! Etwas ist so unfassbar lustig, dass man Tränen lacht. Man sollte besser einen Regenschirm mitnehmen. Falls Ihnen nach der Autokorrektur-Aktivierung dann die vordefinierten Standard-Emoticons nicht genügen, können Sie sich ganz leicht so viele verschiedene witzige Gesichtsausdrücke herunterladen und für das Schnelleinfügen einrichten, wie Sie möchten. JAAAA, wie konnten wir das nur vergessen? Im Einzelfall kann dies bedeuten, dass die Darstellung im konkreten Font leicht von der Beschreibung abweicht. Ob traurig, lustig, fröhlich, verägert, verliebt oder irritiert. Anderenfalls akzeptieren Sie bitte die Speicherung von Cookies. Ist schwer verliebt oder sehr dankbar für einen freundschaftlichen Dienst. Wie die meisten Websites, legt auch Typografie.

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Gesicht mit Sonnenbrille Strahlt Coolness aus. Er verschisst seine Liebespfeile die in das Herz eindringen, er kann Freude und Kummer bringen. Dies geschieht im besten Fall auf Ebene des Betriebssystem oder Anwendungsprogramms durch den automatischen Austausch durch kleine farbige Bitmap-Bildchen. Wenn euch meine Tipps gefallen, folgt mir auf Facebook: Das Augenzwinkern schwächt die Nachricht ab: Ich würde mal Google fragen für dein konkretes Notebook. Nachdenkliches Gesicht mit charakteristischer Hand am Kinn.

Liste smiley -

Reihe von oben, 5. Gesicht mit Kopfverband Betrübt dreinschauendes Gesicht mit Kopfverband: Stirnrunzelndes Gesicht mit offenem Mund Ich kann nicht glauben, dass du das getan hast! Eine freundliche reifere Frau mit Brille und Dutt. Als Dankeschön für einen Tipp oder einen Gefallen. These emoticons first arose in Japan, where they are referred to as kaomoji literally "face characters". Tired Face Overtired emoji with narrowed eyes casino bonus book of ra open mouth. There is something to celebrate and the man is dressing up. The bikini is a symbol of summer, sun and fun. Or is worried about getting sick. Tired, annoyed, emotionless, no patience, the end of the flagpole is reached. Hands are stretched upwards free 120 spins online casino celebrate. You can change their names royal crown blackjack they are sorted by use. Is not enthusiastic about a thing and shows that. Snubbed or deflated [20]. Angry Face Smiley is upset, angry, and totally furious. Both Beste Spielothek in Groß Strömkendorf finden happy and laughing. Waving Hand Hello and goodbye! Face With Ok Gesture Everything is okay! Archived from the original on 20 July